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Sun, 15 Mar 2009

Xorg 7.4, hald and a German keyboard

Just now I tried to update the (sadly neglected) FreeBSD installation on my Laptop. One of the bigger changes was the upgrade to Xorg 7.4 which introduces hald. Hald, for those who don't know, is the Hardware Abstraction Layer Daemon, a linuxy invention which spreads it tentacles throughout your system to fix problems FreeBSD didn't yet have – But I digress.

After starting the freshly updated X server you will be in for a treat. It starts all right, but nothing will work, neither keyboard nor mouse. Not even Ctrl+Alt+Backspace.

Ok. Ctrl+Alt+F1 works. So get back to the console and kill the X server.

The problem is, Xorg now tries to use hald by default and if it isn't running, you loose.

The quick fix is to add the following to your xorg.conf:

Section ServerFlags
Option AutoAddDevices off

But if you want to do it the new way...
– Sec

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Thu, 12 Mar 2009

Flashblock on sevenload

Just now I noticed that with flashblock enabled, I can't view any videos on the web page.

Some debugging later I found out that they have a tag in their CSS which explicitly sets that very <div> that flashblock internally creates to visibility: hidden;.

I am unsure whether this is just some unlucky circumstance or an explicit attempt to annoy users of the flashblock extension. Nonetheless, this needs to be fixed.

So the obvious thing (after filing a quick bug report with the flashblock people) was to fix that problem. Greasemonkey to the rescue!

Have fun with the resulting small flashblock-fix userscript.

– Sec

P.S.: (15.3.09) the new unstable version of flashblock already contains a fix for that problem. Hooray for quick reaction time.

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