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Thu, 24 Feb 2011

Still more Beopardy

As a few people have asked again about my the code used to run Hacker Jeopardy on the 27c3 - not much has changed since my last posting 4 years ago.

The code is mostly unchanged, and bit-rotting away. – It now lives inside a virtual machine because I got tired of fighting with X11 fonts and PerlTK setup.

The only new feature it gained since 2006 is the last-minute support for moods. It addresses 4 of our moodlamps to provide feedback for the candidates and, well, just look nice :-)

The code with slightly more up-to-date documentation can be found here

You'll still need the Hardware to manage the buzzers – see the old post for more info about that part.

The question files are not public, just because we want to have the option to recycle some questions now and then.

This will also probably be the last version of that code, it has grown lots of warts, is no fun to maintain and a complete rewrite is in progress. Let's hope it is finished in time.

– Sec

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Mon, 14 Feb 2011

Math symbols

Not very exciting news, but as a result of a recent discussion on Math symbols:

NOT !¬~
AND &⋅ / ·
OR |

In case you need to use them anywhere, these are the codes:

NOT U+0021 U+00AC ¬U+007E ˜
AND U+0026 &U+2227 ∧U+2022 U+00B7
OR U+007C U+2228 ∨
XOR U+22BBU+2295 ⊕
NAND U+22BCU+2191 ↑
NOR U+22BDU+2193 ↓
IMP U+2192 →

More Math fun in the Unicode space can be found here

Practice safer math,
– Sec

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