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Wed, 30 Jun 2010

RAID5 recovery (Part II)

We left our heroes yesterday with a broken RAID 5 due to read errors on multiple disks. (Read part I: here)

A great starting point is raidextract by Peter Benie which attempts to re-assemble a RAID5. His web-page on this tool also serves as a great overview in the inner workings of standard RAID 5.

The first problem we stumbled upon is the fact that it assumes a certain pattern of the Parity blocks. (All examples from here on assume 4 disks, since that is what we had. But of course that's all applicable to any number of disks)

Adapting the example from his page:

D1: P 3 6 9 P151821...
D2: 0 P 71012 P1922...
D3: 1 4 P111316 P23...
D4: 2 5 8 P141720 P...

Our Linux-mdraid unfortunately didn't conform to this expectation. Not only does it start with parity on the last disk (which raidextract would support with --rotate), but it also moves the parity block 'backward' instead of 'forward'.

The correct allocation order looks like this:

D1: 0 4 8 P121620 P...
D2: 1 5 P 91317 P21...
D3: 2 P 61014 P1822...
D4: P 3 711 P151923...

A quick&dirty hack to raidextract to implement this order:

--- raidextract.c	2008-07-26 11:33:53.000000000 +0200
+++ raidextract-new.c	2010-06-28 13:49:54.000000000 +0200
@@ -316,8 +316,10 @@
 	int paritydisk=(stripe / (disks-1) + rotate) % disks;
 	int len=stripesize-offset;
 	int bytes;
+	int ndisk;
 	char *ptr;
+	ndisk=(disk-paritydisk+3)%disks;
 	if (!noparity && paritydisk <= disk) disk++;
 	if (len>raidlen) len=raidlen;
 	if (winoffset+len > datasize) len=datasize-winoffset;
@@ -337,7 +339,7 @@
-	ptr=window[disk][windowalt]+winoffset;
+	ptr=window[ndisk][windowalt]+winoffset;
 	while (len)
 		bytes=write(STDOUT_FILENO, ptr, len);

A run on an error-free test-RAID confirms this and extracted it correctly. Yay!

continued in part III, coming soon

– Sec

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